What are the benefits of Orgonite?

The benefits of Orgonite are a clearer mind, a quickened calm down time between life’s events, and a deeper relaxed sensation when you’re relaxing.

When my ten year old son and I come into town without Orgonite, he turns into an asshole.” ~a spiritually aware mom.

When I go to the supermarket without Orgonite I get disoriented in my thinking. My train of thought cannot remember where it began, or where it was going. I’ll easily get lost in thoughts and forget where I was going.

Having Orgonite on me is like walking with the peaceful mind of nature through the day. The rush of being in the city, traffic, or grocery store doesn’t build up. I’m not saying it’ not there and that it doesn’t effect us. I’m saying we have time between events to decompress because our physical body relaxes, because we’ve stopped the external stimuli of emf.

That’s the physical experiences. What about the “spiritual” experiences of Orgonite? “I’ve never felt spiritually inspired by Orgonite until I got yours.” ~a customer~ When you are at home, and you’re done doing what you have to do; what activity do you default to? What activity is part of your daily routine?

Before this individual got Orgonite, he defaulted to entertainment. After he received a piece of my Orgonite, he found himself suddenly not fulfilled by what was doing with his time.

Sometimes we default into our work, lovers, kids, TV, drugs, YouTube, etc. And sometimes our spiritual compass is on point and loud to us.

When I started having Orgonite in my life, little things started to bother me. The corner in my laundry room needed to be swept. Then I found a box of old books that just needed to go. The inside of y car was now too dirty for me. I started cleaning up my life one distraction at a time. And now I cannot live in the clutter that life may bring.

So initially there was a cleaning and detox process in my physical space, as well as in my mind. Sometimes there are things in this world that don’t bother us enough to do something about it. But some of those little things will improve our life if we just stop for a moment and do it. But it really has to bother us.

If we don’t have Orgonite, our systems are extra stimulated causing excess electrical firing in our body’s electrical systems, causing extra energy that needs to get out, that looks like anxious nervous energy.

When in fact, we simply have more electrical activity in our body than we need, and it needs to go somewhere.

Lets stop that external stimuli and let our bodies relax so we’re not near fight or flight mode. Orgonite creates a space where your body is protected from emf. That’s what Orgonite does. The benefits of Orgonite are a clearer mind, a quickened calm down time between life’s events, and a deeper relaxed sensation when you’re relaxing.

Orgonite stops external electrical and magnetic stimuli.


Dowin Gardner aka Orgonite Austin

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Hey everyone. We all have areas where we're better than the average Joe. My area of expertise is electromagnetics. I invented Black Sun Orgonite. My book is titled: The Science Of Rain. I discovered how fossil fuels fill the sky with positive ions which stops humidity from turning into clouds. I see in my minds eye the subject of electromagnetics through images. Someone once said geniuses think in images. I'd sure like to think so. But the more you learn, the less you know. I'm fascinated by fields of charge, which is what an atom is. I truly do think in images, and come up with some ingenious ideas. I'd like to say I'm really smart, but the truth is, I see how much I don't know. It's challenging to teach from the leading edge, because on the verge of discovery, we stand in the unknown. I can show you what I've seen. I can show you my experiences. I can tell you what's real, according to my experiences and the definition of real. But the truth is; the only way anyone can truly know something, is to experience it. The purpose of this website is to inform you and all that seek truth, of what makes orgonite real and valid. Don't buy mass produced orgonite. It must be made by hand. It must be made with love. Sincerely, Dowin Gardner aka Orgonite Austin

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