GaNS Plasma Pocket Peace

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GaNS Pocket Peace.

Is it really worth $9 dollars?

Actually, it’s worth way more.

If you want to see how GaNS plasma water can better your life

but you’re on a budget or skeptical; here’s an easy and inexpensive way to find out.

GaNS Plasma Water Pocket Peaces
Look at the white GaNS near the bottom.

I’ll be honest, the more expensive stuff is for bling purposes.  But what we’re after is the essence of it’s soul.

Buddha wasn’t judged because of his size.  He was valued because of what he brought into this world.

This stuff is a game changer in our lives.

We don’t know what’s possible until we give it a change. (chance :-).

The purpose of this GaNS being so inexpensive, is because I know what it’s like to be broke,

and still want a change but can’t afford it.

It’s not about the money.  It’s about improving our lives.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

The best way to help ourselves is to help others. 

Do you know someone who could use this

but is reluctant to look at new possibilities.

Well, my advise is to hide these in the chair where someone sits.

Every time I grid a place I work at, I get fired a week or two later.

I know the reason I had that job was to clear the energy up.

If you wan’t to grid an area let me know.  I’m all about clearing spaces.

How would you go about getting the best thing you’ve seen in the hands of the ones you love?  That is my mission.

You’ll get more than you pay for.  😉



If you’re still reading this then you’re interested in the possibilities.

Pull out your credit card and get one, or two.

Then read the testimonials below.

One of the most amazing changes in my life is that I no longer crave meat.
I can see the vibrancy in food.  Some foods stand out with life force,

like flowers in a field.

The radiant energy of food is obvious to me.  Same with the energy of people.

This stuff will help us see in-between the lines of reality.

And now I suggest you don’t read the experiences below so that you can avoid the placebo effect.

Carry it with you for two or three weeks and then come back to this page to see if such occurrences have also happened in your life.

GaNS Plasma Water truly is another level.  It’s a game changer.

It will enhance your life, for $9 dollars !!!  Buy the damb thing and try it out.

Money back guarantee.

I bring to you the best that my soul can offer.

I actually decided to live off of unemployment so I could focus my time on this website and this project.

I have just enough money to pay the bills.  But when we look back on our lives and all is said and done,

what is it that lights your heart on fire?  What passions create the drive of gift?

“How will what you do matter a hundred years from now?”

~The Great Oak Tree~


Orgonite Austin


Dowin Gardner.

Love ya.  I’ll see you in the sun.  🙂




Don’t read any further, these are my experiences since I’ve begun living with GaNS Plasma Water.

GaNS Experiences & Notes since I’ve been using GaNS

Every time I realize how my daily life has changed since I’ve used this stuff,  I make a note of it.  Below are the notes I’ve accumulated thus far.


I no longer do things to get attention, nor do I feel the need to get attention.

I’m no longer concerned about what others think of me or if they’re watching me.

I’m no longer self conscious about how I look in the eyes of strangers, or my family for that matter.

When interacting with others, I no longer hesitate to put my foot down and establish my boundaries.

I walk with a level of gratitude and integrity that I’ve never experienced before.

If orgonite protects, then GaNS is a supercharger of vitality and inspiration.

My dreams are becoming more regularly vivid and profound.  And I can see the messages in my dreams.

I have a better ear for quality sound. My precision has increased dramatically. Now I can hear the things I didn’t hear before.

I used to be able to tolerate clutter, but no more.  Even my roommate has cleaned up her act.

My work energy has become refined focused and gone through the roof.  I feel vitality flowing through me.  I’m not sluggish at all.  My drive to accomplish is on fire.

My diet has changed.  I’ve not eaten meat or chicken in two months.  I usually eat meat once or twice a week.  When I look at food I can perceive it’s energy.  Is

Flowers and plants are more vibrant; so are beautiful people.

These are my friends and I.  🙂



Hey everyone. We all have areas where we're better than the average Joe. My area of expertise is electromagnetics. I invented Black Sun Orgonite. My book is titled: The Science Of Rain. I discovered how fossil fuels fill the sky with positive ions which stops humidity from turning into clouds. I see in my minds eye the subject of electromagnetics through images. Someone once said geniuses think in images. I'd sure like to think so. But the more you learn, the less you know. I'm fascinated by fields of charge, which is what an atom is. I truly do think in images, and come up with some ingenious ideas. I'd like to say I'm really smart, but the truth is, I see how much I don't know. It's challenging to teach from the leading edge, because on the verge of discovery, we stand in the unknown. I can show you what I've seen. I can show you my experiences. I can tell you what's real, according to my experiences and the definition of real. But the truth is; the only way anyone can truly know something, is to experience it. The purpose of this website is to inform you and all that seek truth, of what makes orgonite real and valid. Don't buy mass produced orgonite. It must be made by hand. It must be made with love. Sincerely, Dowin Gardner aka Orgonite Austin

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  1. I love my pocket piece and it’s literally like having the energy of the sun in your pocket but without the heat of course. It adds color and energy in your life and worth every penny!

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