Orgonite Debunked

In order to debunk Orgonite we must:

  • 1) Present the facts.
  • 2) Reveal the myth.
  • 3) Identify the fallacy that led us to believe what is false. 

Preliminary comments: This article is based on science, not wishful thinking. Please review the following definitions before we begin; as they are the foundation of our acceptance of this reality, unless our beliefs and preferences take precedence.

fact = a thing that is known.
know = be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.
fact = a thing that is proved to be true.
true = in accordance with fact or reality.
proof = evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.
observation = the action or process of observing something or someone carefully or in order to gain information.
reality = the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
thesis = a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.

“The greatest thing we have in science is observation.”

~Dowin Gardner~

In this page we will discuss what it’s going to take to debunk Orgonite.  We’re going to explain the myth behind Orgonite.  We will expose the facts surrounding the subject of Orgonite and Orgone energy. A fact by definition is “a thing that is known, or proved to be true”.

In order to debunk the subject of Orgonite and Orgone energy, we must dislodge the myth with facts.  So what is the myth behind Orgonite?  The myth is that it’s not real.  If the myth is “NOT REAL”, then the fact must be that it “IS REAL”.  So if Orgonite “IS REAL”, how do we prove that Orgonite is real? 

Definition of fact = “is known.”  Those who ‘know,’ know.  How does one come to “know” something? 

Most of us “know” something because we were told by a higher authority.  Some of us know via experience.  If what we’re looking for is fact and proof (from an external source, like a meter), we won’t trust our own experience. But… If you do want external devices to observe or prove that orgonite is real. This is the technology that will “prove” that Orgonite is real.

These are the devices we use to measure Orgonite: 

  • 1) Ion counter.
  • 2) Kirlian photography. 
  • 3) Our hands. 

I’m going to tell you point blank: We cannot prove that Orgonite is not real. If we can’t prove it wrong, what are we left with? We are left with : proof, facts, observations, and experience. Seek to prove; or seek to prove it wrong. “He said” “She said” is fine. But experience takes the throne of understanding.

Here is the thinking required to prove or disprove Orgonite.

  1. The pessimist will despise what I’m about to say.
  2. The optimist will think it’s too much info.
  3. The truth seeker will as for understanding.

Here we go: “There’s no such thing as proof in science. Science doesn’t prove anything. It only disproves.” I know what you’re asking for. You’re asking for something that cannot be argued. “Those dancing to the music are called crazy by those who can’t hear it.” Example: Have you ever herd a ringing in your ear that no one else can hear?

Experience is the only thing that will create a fundamental knowing that something is true. ”

~Tom Campbell~ Professor of Economics at the George Argyros School of Business and Economics, at Chapman University, in Orange, California.

How would you like to experience something that tells you Orgonite is real? Would you prefer to use an electronic measuring device? Or would you prefer to know by your own experience? This article will shy away from experience, and focus on what the accredited scientific establishments deem as “true” or “factual”.

The principles in physics that are in use in Orgonite are:

  • 1) The piezoelectric effect.
  • 2)  The organization of a capacitor is the same as orgonite.
  • 3) The University of Oslo Microbiological Institutions’ discovery of bions in 1938 made by Dr. Wilhelm Reich revealed something science could not explain. 

If we want to prove Orgonite wrong we must understand and apply the concepts in sciences that allow for a valid argument, or dislodging of the myth. 

These are the scientific principles required to debunk Orgonite: 

  • 1) The concept known as: Laws of Nature.
  • 2) Science does not prove anything, it only disproves.
  • 3) A scientific concept that cannot be disproved must be accepted by the scientific community. 

Side note: Dogmatic views of science won’t allow something that contradicts our “laws of nature”. The “law of nature” is simply our observation of how things do and do not work within a given system, according to what we understand thus far. When something in a science experiment goes “wrong” and gives us results we didn’t expect, the average Joe will think we did something wrong. But what if that “wrong” is actually the discovery? “Wrong” contradicts our expectations.

If we trust our expectations and not our observations, we will never make new discoveries.

If we want to prove that Orgonite is not real, we must destroy the facts that will be presented in this article.  This article will provide the “facts” that hold Orgonite together.  Unfortunately, these principles are woven into the foundation of our modern-day understanding of physics.

  • These concepts are
  • 1) the piezoelectric effect,
  • 2)  the structure of capacitors is the same as that of orgonite, and
  • 3) The University of Oslo Microbiological Institutions discovered of bions in 1938 by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. 

If you want to prove Orgonite wrong, you’re going to dislike the next two statements:
1) Science does NOT prove anything. It only disproves.
2) The definition of fact in hardcore science is: “Predictable and repeatable results agreed upon via peer review.”

If we can’t prove something wrong, what are we to think? I tried my hardest to prove Orgonite wrong. All I got was the same consistent results over and over again. I DO NOT KNOW how to prove Orgonite wrong. That being said, let’s talk about our observations of Orgonite. 

What does Orgonite do?

  • 1)  Chaotic thoughts diminish.  We begin to observe time in between each thought.
  • 2)  Orgonite creates an uplifting feeling diminishing feelings of hopelessness and despair.
  • 3)  When carrying Orgonite we feel more compelled to peruse creative ventures.
  • 4)  Clutter becomes intolerable
  • 5) Toxic relationships end.
  • 6)  The fallacy of self-belittling thoughts becomes apparent. 
  • 6)  The feeling that life has our back presents itself. 

Overall, Orgonite improves our outlook on life, ourselves, and our situation.
It’s as if we have been reconnected to Source.
Hold on just a moment. Wasn’t this article supposed to be about the science of Orgonite? The list above is not “How does Orgonite affect us?” but “What does Orgonite Do?” The list talks about How does Orgonite Effect Us?” 

It was intended to show the difference between “what” and “how”. “What” is the experience. “How” is called causative effects.

How does Orgonite Effects Us? and What Does Orgonite Do?

For us to understand how Orgonite affects us, we need to find the causative effects; aka What Orgonite Does. What is it that comes from Orgonite? What causes a change in us?  What comes from Orgonite?

Here’s what Orgonite Does.

Orgonite emits an abundance of negative ions. This can be measured with an ion counter. The ions are created by the piezoelectric effect of quartz under pressure. 

As for the capacitor concept in Orgonite, this due to the metals surrounded by a dielectric material (plastic or resin).  This setup causes an urge for “energy” to move.  “Energy” moves through the area saturated in negative ions. The ions consist of a negative polarity, unlike that which comes from combustion, aka fossil fuels which is a discussion for another day and how it affects our ionosphere.

Now, let’s look at nature’s electrical attributes. The human body uses electricity. Electrical charge causes our muscles to contract, as is used in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Biology has a baseline of no charge, aka flat line. Muscles contract when a negative charge flows through our nerves. Earthing is the process of our bear feet making contact with the earth to rid the body of excess charge, aka electrons. Electro-smog is the saturation of an area with positive ions.

Now we’re going to change directions with our conversation.

I hope that everything you’ve read thus far makes it sound like the author of this article (Dowin Gardner) knows it all.  But the truth is:  The more we learn, the less we know.  What we can measure is dependent upon our scientific instruments and our senses.  When it comes to Orgonite, we feel more than our electronic devices can measure. 

Example:  The discover of Orgone Energy in 1938 at The University of Oslo Microbiological Institutions by Dr. Wilhelm Reich was not made with electronic devices.  It was made with Dr. Reich’s eyes. He was looking through a light microscope at the blue glow of bions (pulsing bags of liquid that turn into ameba (single-celled organisms)). 

Side note:  The discovery of what turns into ameba was a profound discovery itself. It may seem like we’re getting off-topic about debunking Orgonite, but we must understand that our experience and observation was our first clue to the fact that Orgonite is real.

So what was the blue hue in these sacks of liquid under the light microscope that Dr. Reiche observed?  The blue could not be seen through x-ray microscopes.  After the bions were viewed through an x-ray microscope, the blue light was no longer there when reviewed under the light microscope.  The x-ray machine eliminated the blue hue. We know x-rays are harmful to life. The blue hue, also known as life force or orgone energy, was destroyed by the x-ray. 

But here’s the kicker.  None of our electronic devices were able to perceive or read the blue in the living bions (living sacks of liquid.)  This observation alone tells us that the blue is something we have yet to understand.  We cannot measure it with our electronic devices.

We don’t know everything. And for us to say that something is not possible is absolutely stupid. WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ORGONITE!  But we do know that we feel it’s field.

How do we know Orgonite is working?

Wave your hand over it slowly and feel the field with your bare hands.

Our modern-day science is incomplete.  We don’t even know what gravity is.  We don’t know how ferrite cores work in step-down transformers. Sorry, I know that one was out of left field; but it’s a great example of how we don’t know everything in our world.  And for us, as humans to say that we know it all is just plain stupid. Orgonite is one of the greatest mysteries and greatest of our time.   

As far as debunking Orgonite; I simply don’t know how to prove it wrong.  And remember: Science doesn’t prove anything. It only disproves. Enjoy your experiments. Trust your observations.


Orgonite Austin.


Hey everyone. We all have areas where we're better than the average Joe. My area of expertise is electromagnetics. I invented Black Sun Orgonite. My book is titled: The Science Of Rain. I discovered how fossil fuels fill the sky with positive ions which stops humidity from turning into clouds. I see in my minds eye the subject of electromagnetics through images. Someone once said geniuses think in images. I'd sure like to think so. But the more you learn, the less you know. I'm fascinated by fields of charge, which is what an atom is. I truly do think in images, and come up with some ingenious ideas. I'd like to say I'm really smart, but the truth is, I see how much I don't know. It's challenging to teach from the leading edge, because on the verge of discovery, we stand in the unknown. I can show you what I've seen. I can show you my experiences. I can tell you what's real, according to my experiences and the definition of real. But the truth is; the only way anyone can truly know something, is to experience it. The purpose of this website is to inform you and all that seek truth, of what makes orgonite real and valid. Don't buy mass produced orgonite. It must be made by hand. It must be made with love. Sincerely, Dowin Gardner aka Orgonite Austin

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