Can Orgonite Get Wet?

Rust On Orgonite

Hey guys I know this may seem a bit elementary information; but it’s a true question that I wanted to clear up.  Do you remember when you first herd about orgonite and wanted to actually see and hold a piece?  Remember when you where new to making orgonite?

Can Orgonite Get Wet?  Yes. Orgonite if safe to get wet.

I take orgonite to the bath tub with me. Below are the two pieces I use in the tub. Notice the shinny part, and the not so shinny part. The not so shinny part is the part of the orgonite I sanded down with the grinder. Once the grinder hits the outer layer of plastic, there’s no longer a protective coat over the metal inside. But these are 8 years old and go into the tub with me almost every time. So can orgonite get wet? Yes. Just like metal or plastic can.

These Orgonite Beauties are my personal favorites. They have every high vibration stone I could get my hands on at that time. Moldavite, Fulgerite, Danburite, Petalite, Phoenacite, Anduliasite, Zincite, and literally a pinch of every stone I had on my person. These are the ones I sleep with and soak in the bath tub with. They’re two ice cube molds glued together.

Orgonite is plastic on the outside, also known as ‘resin’.  Once the resin is cured and hardened, it’s fine to get wet. You can go swimming with it. 

One of the greatest things about orgonite is its longevity.  It will last for about fifty years, or until it’s separated into individual pieces.  Inside this piece of ‘plastic’ is metals and crystals. 

These puppies are made to live outside.  So yes orgonite is fine getting wet. Think about gifting and how we throw these things in the bushes next to cell towers. 

Now I have seen in some pieces where the metal does in fact reach outside and beyond the plastic.  Over time this metal can rust.  But that’s for the pieces we leave outside in the weather like the one below. It took eight years for this orgonite piece to rust.

Black Sun Orgonite Gifting Piece
Can Orgonite Get Wet? Yes. This piece has been outside for about 8 year. The orange is rust.

Here’s a picture of the above piece the day it was made.

This is a picture of my first Orgonite made in 2010. Notice how back then I used tumbled stones. I didn’t know any better at that time.
I make orgonite by the batch. Here is a day of work.

This is a broken open piece of orgonite that was large and flat from a cookie sheet. After breaking it open we can see the metal shavings used. But there’s no rust on the perimeter of the piece where it’s not broken.

Rust On Orgonite
This is a broken open piece of orgonite that was large and flat from a cookie sheet. After breaking it open we can see the metal shavings used. But there’s no rust on the perimeter of the piece where it’s not broken.
On the surface you can see the metal beneath the resit. The above piece broke off and we can see the rust from the metal shavings. But this metal is not normally exposed in Orgonite. This piece broke open.
This is a cookie sheet of orgonite. This was before when I thought mass and size where the only determining factors of the intensity of Orgonite.

That’s all for “Can Orgonite Get Wet.” The answer is yes it can. In fact, after we’ve worn orgonite for some time (a month or so), we use water to energetically clean it. This is necessary if there is no selenite used in it. I use overkill of selenit in the Orgonite I make.

I hope this answered your question and then some. And now, below are some related questions about orgonite with quick answers.  Enjoy.

Can Orgonite be harmful?  Only if it is made with large volumes of aluminum.

How to make orgonite pendants.  Use small ice trays.  Or put only a dab of orgonite at the bottom of the mold.  The drill a hole for a string, or wrap in in copper.

Orgonite Warning.  MAKE IT OUTSIDE IN A VENTED AREA!  A garage is not sufficient.

Too Much Orgonite.  There is no such thing as too much Orgonite. No. Please notice I have grids of orgonite for sleeping over.

This was the grid that went under my bed at one time.

Clear Orgonite. 

You’re buying plastic with some rocks and crystals in it.  Get the stuff you cannot see through. Notice there’s almost no metal in this one. Only some gold flakes for looks. And we don’t even know if it’s real gold. Don’t buy mass produced orgonite. Get the stuff that has a persons hand in the picture.

Where to buy orgonite.  Orgonite For Sale is the best place to buy orgonite! Everyone knows that. 🙂

Programming Orgonite.  Connect with it and talk to it.  Tell it what you want it to do, or tell it what you want to experience.

Love ya.  Orgonite Austin

Thes wheelbarrow of Orgontie was used in the gridding of Austin Texas. I placed one piece of orgonite on every block for 5 square miles. Check the weather reports for September 2011 the 4th, 14th, and 24th.


Hey everyone. We all have areas where we're better than the average Joe. My area of expertise is electromagnetics. I invented Black Sun Orgonite. My book is titled: The Science Of Rain. I discovered how fossil fuels fill the sky with positive ions which stops humidity from turning into clouds. I see in my minds eye the subject of electromagnetics through images. Someone once said geniuses think in images. I'd sure like to think so. But the more you learn, the less you know. I'm fascinated by fields of charge, which is what an atom is. I truly do think in images, and come up with some ingenious ideas. I'd like to say I'm really smart, but the truth is, I see how much I don't know. It's challenging to teach from the leading edge, because on the verge of discovery, we stand in the unknown. I can show you what I've seen. I can show you my experiences. I can tell you what's real, according to my experiences and the definition of real. But the truth is; the only way anyone can truly know something, is to experience it. The purpose of this website is to inform you and all that seek truth, of what makes orgonite real and valid. Don't buy mass produced orgonite. It must be made by hand. It must be made with love. Sincerely, Dowin Gardner aka Orgonite Austin

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