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This website is dedicated to teaching the facts about Orgonite and Orgone Energy.  

There’s so much false or fake information surrounding Orgonite. I attribute this to two factors.

  • 1) Orgone energy and Orgonite is a technology that is beyond our modern-day technology.
  • 2) Orgonite is a technology that the powers that be do NOT want us the people to have.
  • 3) Orgonite is a tool that influences “spirituality”.
  1. Dogmatic pride in science says “You can’t do that.” The “Laws of Nature” say such things don’t exist. What we’re accomplishing with Orgonite is unthinkable to the currently outdated science we have. Our science has been around for about three hundred years. Three hundred years is insignificant compared to the age of magnetism.
  2. Orgonite is a technology that threatens the existence of our modern day medical remedies. Nikoli Tesla said: “The day we begin studying the non-physical, we will maker more progress in ten years than in the last decade.
  3. When Orgonite enters a person’s life, their psyche and emotional state improve. What other kinds of technology improve a persons well being without taking a pill? And how is this possible?

The reason there is so much misinformation on Orgonite is because it’s new and beyond our modern way of thinking. If something is beyond where we are, it might pose a threat to our current beliefs or way of life.

Orgonite makes people happier and healthier. That poses a threat to the pocket books of many established institutions. Also, the fact that it allows us to think for ourselves poses a threat to those who want us to follow orders.

Orgonite is a gift that was given to us via a divine accident combined with observation.

Imgaine a doctor seeing something with their own eyes that contradicts everything they’ve been taught. Two things could happen in the mind of an individual, wether it’s a doctor or an average joe. They would either think

  • 1) There’s something wrong and they must be missing something. or
  • 2) Their observation may lead to a discovery.

When something contradicts everything we have seen and been taught, what is one to think?

Where does Science and Spirituality blend or separate?


Here we will talk about the scientific parts of  these spiritual tools.  Crystals, Orgonite, GaNS, Obolix, Tensor Rings, and more are to come. There is so much in this universe that we don’t know.  All of these devices have something in common. 

These devices are made of physical material, and they’re used in a spiritual manner. 

How does the orientation of certain physical minerals or molecules move electricity or light?  This is the science I want to know about. 

Then we also have the realm of quantum physics and metaphysics. Thought and observation is a variable that changes the results of our experiments.

Dr. Emoto showed us this when blessing water before freezing it changed the way the ice crystals grew. Thought and intention is a factor we have not yet been able to quantify.  But science does reveal that it does in fact make a difference in our science experiments.

There is so much in this world we don’t know. And for someone to say somehting is “impossible” is simply arogant and wrong. We do’nt know what’s possible. What we do know thus far is that we haven’t been able to do some of the “impossible” things we think are impossible.

An example of what is “impossible” is anti gravity. A magnet will hover over another magnet of the same polarity. Most people would call that magnetism. Regardless of what we call that phenomenon, it truly does defy gravity.

Another example is the possibility of the opposite of gravity is light. Or the opposite of light is gravity. Let’s think about this.

(By the way, what these examples are doing is, they’re adjusting the way we see rigid rules and opening our minds to possibilities that are staring us in the face.)

So how can gravity and light be opposites?

What are the common characteristics of a black hole in space?…

Science calls this realm stochastic quantum mechanics.




This “About Page” went down a rabbit hole. Its purpose was to show us that we truly don’t know enough to condemn Orgonite. However, we do have enough anecdotal experience to condone it. The rest of this article has yet to be edited. Please enjoy and know that I’m not sure what you will read from here on out.


Down Gardner.